Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Theater Cruising

Have you visited a moviehouse not to check out the movie being shown but to pick up or be picked up? Have you had encounters in a dingy cinema which features movies out of current circulation?

I would admit, my very first encounter has been in a moviehouse in Quiapo. I was a late bloomer. I was strictly guarded by my parents and I would just be travelling from the house to the school and vice versa. It would not be until I got to college that I got to explore. I have heard of the old moviehouses in Quiapo and after a long period of mere curiousity, I got to experience it myself.

Back then, there were a lot of these moviehouses near Quiapo Church that show "bomba" films. Two were along Quezon Avenue at the same side as the church while another two were on the other side of the street. Three were nearer Isetan, along Recto while there were another two along Rizal Avenue. Many of these have already been closed or demolished but back then in the 80's, you can take your pick.

For the uninitiated, what would expect if you do take the excursion. Guys will normally be in the foyer area or near the comfort rooms. When you enter the cinema proper, it would normally be very dark, with hardly any track lighting so you really have to grope your way when finding a seat. The best seats for me is near the electric fans. The place can get hot and unless you have a spare shirt with you, you can get drenched with sweat.

If encounters in movie houses is not your peice of cake, various motels are located nearby but there is not assurance that they are any less dingy than the moviehouse you came from. Back when I was young and naive, I let others lead the way and take me where they wanted me to be but now older, and maybe wiser, I would rather be in a comfortable place. I have heard some modus operani that people get cornered by their hook ups because the owner of the motel conspire with the conmen.

It is a gamble when meeting people in these kind of places so always be careful. You don't have anything to hold against them - no picture, no identification. It might be safer to chat and start with a date then progress from there. However, if anonymity and the possibility of danger is what brings you thrill, then these encounters will probably give you a boost.

Though there are still moviehouses like those, even in Cubao, many have opted to cruise in more upscale cinemas like SM North Edsa or Megamall where staying in the backrow now would probably yield a hook up.

If you plan for an adventure, take care of your belongings. If possible, don't bring a watch or a cellphone. Don't bring a large amount of money and always be mindful where you drop your clothes because the floors can get sticky. Be happy but safe guys.


  1. my first experience was in cebu. the was eden theater, and the other, i forgot the name.

  2. i think you're referring to century 21 a.k.a. tuna university. cant remember the street it was on, i think it was mango ave.

  3. u got me an idea of a pozt regardring my friend hu likez moviehouzez like thoze

  4. visit nyo to guys...

  5. hahaha nakakatakot lang ma raid kasi mamaya may kasama pang tv crew!LOL

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  7. hahaha never tried that one before :)

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  10. be careful cruising in Isetann recto.

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  12. san magandang place ba..the younger the better

  13. i tried that movie house one block away from the church. 4 years ago i think. i was young and virgin and desperate to experience m2m sex. entrance was P50. Yeah, guys were in the lobby, but i was naive, i walked past them. Entered in an old door with black curtain. It's all dark and the air was thick. I heard some talking. Some laughing in the dark while an old sexy movie is on the screen. I groped my way to a seat. I was expecting to experience gay sex but i wasn't really sure how that happens in that kind of place. After a minute, my eyes got accustomed to the darkness and was able to see more what's really happening inside. I think sex is everywhere. Blow jobs. And maybe in other darker parts of the place, even more. Then a guy, sat beside me. Said, sir, serbis! Try mo. Then he touched my hand and place it on top of his crotch. but he's wearing jeans shorts. 'Susuhin kita sir, gusto mo?' I was bit shaking and my hands were cold. Then he inserted his one hand in my shirt to play with my nipples. Shit. He was really good. He rolled up my shirt then and suck my nipple. Oh, sheet. First time. After that, i asked about the rates. since i was shy, he offered the cheap motel right beside the moviehouse. 200/3hrs i guess. And since he told me that the service is just 200, I said yes, let's go. I have 700 hundred in my pocket. To cut it short, i found out later the guy I chose inside was not the best looking there. Maybe thats why he's inside, in the darkness. Haha. The guys in the lobby were better looking. But it's fine, i thought, he looks really manly. He got tattoos, beards, and speaks straight. So it happened. Safe sex. But he asked for additional 3 hundred because we did more than blowjob. So i gave my 500. Only fare left. One more thing, the motel was really cheap, there's dry wall partition to separate the rooms so you could the fucking going on in adjacent rooms. But it was fine for a first timer. By the way, the movie house's seats have bedbugs. And the toilets are not really for people taking their pees. It the place where one hook up inside. It is the only place inside that has light. Yeah beware of holdapers. I was just one lucky guy.

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  16. Hi everyone... My name is Tom... I have had my first experience with another guy in one of those old cinemas... I guess I was so curious that afternoon and decided to see an old sexy movie in an old moviehouse.... Back then, I had no idea that things happen there....

    After buying the ticket, I went upstairs and passed by the comfort room... Inside, there were a few guys who all looked at me as I entered. I noticed two guys are inside the cubicle about to go out... It was my first clue that something is different here.

    I went to the theater. It was dark so I decided to stand at the back, watch the movie, until my eyes can get used to the darkness... A few minutes later, a guy approached me, stood beside me. He whispered to me, "...sir, serbis?" . I had no idea what he meant so I ignored him and pretended I did not hear. He repeated, "...sir, gusto mo ba magpaserbis?". This time I turned to face him and ask what he meant. He asked me if I would want him to give me a blowjob, for a small price... 200 ata yun. I said no, I am not gay... He was very persistent in talking me in... he would brush his hand on y front from time to time as we talked.

    I got more curious, and somewhat horny... He told me to try it, and that he thinks I would like it... Somehow, I found myself giving in to his temptations. We looked for seats away from the crowd. I continued watching as he stared to touch my front some more and opened my zipper...

    It was the first time that I received a bj from another guy. The feeling was so intense... I never imagined doing it... but I did.

    A few minutes later, I found myself releasing all those tensions...

    He asked if I wanted to go to a nearby motel, but my warning instincts told me it is better not to.

    I went out of that old cinema, thinking of how hot the experience was...

    Encounters like that are however risky and dangerous